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The Women of Waterloo Women's Heath

In today's healthcare environment, value is placed on the number of patients seen per day and the management of acute illness and injury. Unfortunately, this situation leaves many women with unmet needs, missed preventative care services and/or inadequate ongoing chronic illness care.

Waterloo Women's Health aspires to reduce this care gap by listening and attending to what is important to you about your health and well-being. This personalized approach fosters the building of therapeutic partnerships which, in turn, promotes personal empowerment and sustained healthier choices.

Waterloo Women's Health is a nurse practitioner owned healthcare practice serving women in Waterloo and the surrounding communties.

Expect Quality

Provided by an Advanced Practice Nurse Practitioner (APN) licensed in the state of Missouri and Illinois, who participates in ongoing educational opportunities.
Offered in a safe, non-judgemental, and non-discrimintory environment
Designed to be affordable including acceptance of most major insurance plans, availability of a prompt pay discount, and guidance on accessing available community programs and resources.


Marla practices in collaboration with Dr. Frank Mussemann in Belleville, IL. Dr. Mussemann is a board certified OB/GYN with over 19 years of experience. Frank specializes in Urogynecology, as well as Pelvic Reconstruction. Marla can refer you to Dr. Mussemann, or any other Board Certified OB/GYN of your choosing, if you are in need of services that are beyond her expertise.